Wear It Again – The Next Hot Trend!

As David Tutera recently noted about the classic lines of our Sweetheart bodice, on the Boris and Nicole Show,  is a “great silhouette on all bridesmaids”. And, I couldn’t agree more!

Nicole, the gracious host of the show, inserted a comment that tickled me particularly, suggesting that the girls could  “cut this (dress) later to have a great summer dress”, to which David added that this style, if shortened to 2-3 inches above the knee “is a look for beyond the aisle.”

“Wear it again IS the next hot trend.”

Think the direct opposite of the movie “27 Dresses.”  With the cost of participating in a wedding nothing to sneeze at, why choose and spend money on dresses that really can only be worn as part of the wedding party.

I mean, as lovely as they are, where are you going to wear a short (or long) flowy chiffon dress in blush or champagne again.  Now, choose that same color palette in a dress with classic lines and, voila’, there’s a dress you can wear again to someone’s bridal shower or even another wedding as a guest.  Money well spent.

With Anna Elyse’s concept of mix and match tops and bottoms, you can customize your look specifically to your body type and have a timeless style that is stylish, elegant and will outlast the 27 other dresses in your closet.

Weddings are expensive so make every dollar count AND look gorgeous at the same time.  Audrey Hepburn would applaud.

Check out our “Signature Classics” page on our website and see how you can transform your vision with classic elegance and style.  And, have the bonus of happy bridemaids too!

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