“I’m thinking of a green …” — Choosing the right color for your wedding.

Next to selecting her dress and the venue, there is no more important choice for a bride than deciding on a color scheme and on the color of the bridesmaid dresses.

With literally a rainbow to choose from, how DOES one come up with the perfect color?

Here are some tips that will make the process a bit easier and some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” that you may want to contemplate along the way.

First, consider the TIME of YEAR of the wedding and what tones would represent that season. For example, a Fall wedding brings to mind yellows, golds, oranges, etc. (think Fall leaves).  Gorgeous colors for sure.  But consider this … do you REALLY want all of your girls in such bright colors?  It will certainly work for some skin tones as in these lovely ladies, but it’s not for everyone.


There are other options if you just LOVE using the bright colors of Fall leaves. Why not use a purple and accent with orange, gold and Fall-color flowers? My wonderful and very fashion-savvy new daughter-in-law decided on Deep Purple satin for her marriage to my equally wonderful son. She used deep rusts and Fall accent colors in the flowers.  Just gorgeous!  (Okay, maybe she was urged along by her future mother-in-law just a teensy bit.)  Here’s a pre-wedding snapshot of the final dresses.  (More on that fabulous wedding later.)


Bottom line, DO choose a color palette that “speaks” to you and to the season of the year.  DON’T choose a color that will overwhelm your ladies.

What is your VISION?  This is your wedding after all.  Have you always dreamt of a wedding that glows and sparkles?  Then consider silvers, golds and other metallic shades.  The fabrics don’t have to be “glitzy” or “cheezy” gold lamé to create a striking effect.  Pale silver, pewter or gold are a fabulous “neutral”; an elegant background that can be accented with any flower color, or even white, for a romantic and elegant look.


Next, do you have some color you are trying to match for SENTIMENTAL REASONS?  Maybe your grandmother’s favorite color was purple and you are trying to honor her.  We’ve worked with brides that want to match anything from the exact color of the football jerseys worn by her and her fiancé’s college football team to a recent bride that was trying to match the color of her bridesmaid dresses to the color of her fiance’s vintage Robin’s Egg blue Mustang with crimson red leather seats. Since photos will be taken next to the car, the girls chose a beautiful red dress in “Cardinal” dupioni that matches the seats of the convertible perfectly and contrasts with the blue.  DON’T discount trying to work with an interesting or different color.

Then there is the understandable desire to be trendy and in with current fashion.  NEUTRALS are “in”, or so says every blog and editorial, but you don’t want to look like every other bridal party.  What to do?

Ok, I admit it, there are days that if I have one more bride ask for blush, pale pink or champagne I just want to scream.  But, now that I’ve gotten THAT off my chest, here are my thoughts on using these lovely neutrals.  DO consider using a palette of the paler shades.  It adds contrast and richness to the already subdued look.  It will also not fade out in photos and will provide a subtle but lovely contrast to the bride.  Here’s how one of our beautiful brides solved that.


Finally, consider the TIME of DAY, the LIGHTING and the BACKGROUND when choosing a shade.  How will it photograph?  Will the colors “pop” or fall flat?  You may just LOVE the idea of periwinkle (a purple-ish grey shade), but indoors with poor lighting it will look storm-cloud grey in the photographs!

We often suggest that our customers take the dress or swatch they are considering outside into the daylight to see what the color looks like in real light. It can make all the difference in the world. DO consider choosing a slightly brighter shade than what you would normally choose if the photographs will be taken outside and you want the color to “pop”.  One of my favorite dads-of-the-bride,  Joe, (who still stops in to say hello from time to time) insisted his daughter choose a brighter shade than she had originally planned, to fabulous result.

Color plays an important role in achieving the look that you want for your day. There’s a lot to consider, but with the right help and trained people to assist you, you’ll find THE perfect shade for you!

Have a beautiful wedding!