DIY Save The Date: An Homage to the Cannes Film Festival

This week the Festival de Cannes 2014 poster art was released as well as the Official Selections. Because I consider myself a do it yourself (DIY) bride nothing gives me more pleasure than using inspiration from the things you love. Movies are my life. As a matter of fact, movies are my Fiancé’s life too. We both work within the field of entertainment and devote our crafts passionately to that which has come before us and hope to honor those legacies with the work we create. So it is with great anticipation and excitement that I reveal our Save the Date design inspired by the Festival de Cannes 2013 key poster art featuring the iconic Hollywood Couple Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman.Cannes 2013 Poster

Via The Hollywood Reporter – Festival organizers said the poster and its image gives the 66th edition a chance to pay tribute to Newman, who died in 2008, and to mark “its undying admiration for Woodward, his wife and most favored co-star.  The pair was honored at the Festival de Cannes in 1958 – the year of their marriage – with the selection In Competition of Martin Ritt’s The Long Hot Summer, the first film in which they appeared together.

Originally, I chose the Cannes 2013 poster art design to inspire my save the date because I found the image so aesthetically appealing. After peeling back the layers of the original design inspiration, and finding out it was also in homage to the couple’s appearance and subsequent year of their marriage at Festival de Cannes in 1958, I felt a definite sense of serendipity. So much so that I have decided to carry out the theme throughout my wedding which is happening on November 2, 2014. All of the tables will be themed vintage Hollywood couples and at the sweetheart table we will frame our save the date next to the original design inspiration of the Cannes 2013 poster.

A word of caution to other DIY brides. While yours truly formulated this creation, I could not have accomplished the gorgeous reproduction without the help of my stellar design team which was comprised of very close friends who as it turns out will all be in our wedding! From photography session to design work this was a long commitment similar to that of hiring a professional. All in all, the work contributed was worth a standard production rate.


Here are the cast of characters:

Bride/Producer/Model : Sarah Ledesma (Yours Truly) @SarahLedesma

Groom/Model: Peter DiCicco @PeterDiCicco

Officiant/Art Director: Paul Ledesma @Ledesma

Maid of Honor/Photographer: Jasmine Lord

Groomsmen/Director: Charles McIlvain